Corporate - Investor Relations

Our Ambition

Our goal is to build a global community with a local presence in all major cities around the world. We believe, that a broad global footprint will increase the value of the community for all members, so they can travel anywhere in the world, knowing they will have trusted friends away from home.
We believe, that at least 10m people would enjoy being part of our community, defined as the top 10% population (by income) of the top 300 cities in the world with an affinity for the good life.
For the next 5 years, our “Strategy 2022” has a tangible goal of growing our community to 100’000, a small but realistic portion of our overall full potential. This will leave room for further growth in the long-term. We believe that this pace of growth will allow us to keep the integrity of our community, one of our key selling points, intact during the growth period.
In addition to member growth, we are striving to expand our services offering to our target segment to further increase our value-add to members and increase the average revenue per member for ASW.
Today we are providing three value-add services to our members: Experiences, VIP nightlife and bespoke travel.
  • We are offering about 100 events per month, ranging from small local gatherings to our major Flagship events in Gstaad and Saint-Tropez, for which we charge a fee.
  • Further, we offer VIP access to the global nightlife through The World’s Finest Clubs. We offer our members free access to a network of 200 high-quality clubs around the world and a nightlife concierge.
  • We also cater to the higher end of our audience by providing them with bespoke travel arrangements though ASW Travel.
We believe there is potential to expand our service offering in the future.

Strategic execution

To realize our “Strategy 2022”, we have crafted an implementation plan which is based on a straightforward playbook:

  • Increase penetration in core markets:
  • Grow our membership in our top 30 cities through a combination of better experiences and targeted marketing efforts.
  • Expand geographic reach:
  • Expand our presence beyond our core markets and build new cities from the ground up.
  • Introduce premium membership tiers:
  • Launch premium membership tiers to extend our subscription offering.
  • Expand service offering:
  • Expand our current service offering organically or through select partnerships with industry leaders.