ASMALLWORLD AG releases brand new iOS app for its Travel & Lifestyle Community


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25-Jun-2019 / 21:58 CET/CEST
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ASMALLWORLD AG (SWX:ASWN) releases brand new iOS app for its Travel & Lifestyle Community

Zurich, 25.06.2019 - ASMALLWORLD AG presents its members with a new iOS app, which has been developed from the ground up over the last 12 months. The new app is easier to use, has a simple, modern design and has been enhanced with new functionality such as the "Discovery Mode" and the "My World" functionality. The modular design of the app also allows it to be expanded with additional functionality in the future. The app is now available to download from the App Store.


After 12 months of development, the Travel & Lifestyle Community ASMALLWORLD has made a new iOS App available to download for its members today. The completely redesigned app was developed by ASMALLWORLD's in-house development team. Much feedback from members has gone into the design process, making the app more intuitive and user-friendly than ever.

The main focuses of the new app were a simpler user interface, a more modern design and an extension of the functionality to bring members into contact with each other.

The app is now available to download in the App Store and can be used by all members. A version for Android is also under development and will follow later this year.

New functionality to strengthen user engagement

The app retained all functionality from the previous version. In addition, it has been enhanced with three important elements: Discovery Modes, My World and Navigation.

The new Discovery Modes make it even easier for members to find and interact with other members. Four different discovery modes have been created to make it easier for members to connect. The Discovery Modes are "Socialising", "Dating", "Business" and "See Who's Around". Socialising is intended for friendly interactions, dating to find a partner and business to make new business contacts. See Who's Around is a combination of the other modes which simply shows all members nearby.

The "My World" functionality allows members to store all contacts, activities and other things of interest in one place, so they can easily find them at a later time.

The navigation has also been completely revised and now takes place via a central globe icon, which brings up a complete menu to quickly navigate to all areas of the app.

Improvements have also been made in all other areas of the app. Especially in the Events and Discussions areas the ease of use was greatly improved by the new design. In addition, the messaging function was reprogrammed and now allows group chats in addition to private conversations.

Modular design allows for additional functionality in the future

The app has a modular design which allows it to be expanded with additional functionality in the future. It is planned to integrate the LuxuryBARED hotel booking platform to allow members to book their hotel of choice with one click, while benefiting from exclusive ASMALLWORLD privileges such as room upgrades and late check-out. This shall further expand the company's service business.

Furthermore, the introduction of a function for uploading pictures is planned, as well as a function to provide members with Travel & Lifestyle articles in a magazine style. The in-house development team of ASMALLWORLD will continuously expand the app.

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Our vision is to build the world's leading travel & lifestyle community, focusing on experiences: the modern-day definition of luxury.

Centred around the ASMALLWORLD social network, we operate a digital travel & lifestyle ecosystem which enables and inspires our members to make new connections, travel better, and experience more.

Members of the ASMALLWORLD social network connect through our app and website, where they can meet other members, engage in online discussions, receive travel and lifestyle inspiration, and enjoy a wealth of travel privileges.

Members also meet in person at over 1000 global ASMALLWORLD events every year, ranging from regular get-togethers in major cities around the world, access to exclusive launches, shows, galas, soirees, exhibitions, major global sporting events, and larger flagship weekend experiences hosted in iconic destinations such as Saint-Tropez, Marbella, and Gstaad.

Other businesses of the ASMALLWORLD travel & lifestyle ecosystem are:

First Class & More, a subscription-based smart luxury travel service that allows members to enjoy luxury travel at insider prices

LuxuryBARED, a luxury hotel booking platform offering a curated collection of the world's best hotels and exclusive booking upgrades and privileges

The World's Finest Clubs, a nightlife concierge that offers its members VIP access to the most exclusive nightlife venues around the world

ASW Hospitality, a hotel management company that operates the ASMALLWORLD Hotel Collection and manages the iconic North Island resort in the Seychelles

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