ASMALLWORLD plans listing on SIX Swiss Exchange


Zurich, 27 February 2018 – ASMALLWORLD AG plans to open itself up to the capital market in the next few weeks and intends to list its shares on SIX Swiss Exchange, if market conditions are appropriate. The listing will broaden the company's scope of action, increase awareness of the private social network and thus promote the implementation of its growth strategy. The shares will be listed on SIX Swiss Exchange in the Swiss equities segment.

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The main activity of ASMALLWORLD AG, headquartered in Zurich, is the operation of ASMALLWORLD, a global private social network. The ASMALLWORLD Group also includes The World's Finest Clubs AG, which offers its members VIP access to the most exclusive nightlife venues around the world. Unlike other social media companies, ASMALLWORLD AG does not generate its income by advertising, but primarily through recurring membership fees and the sale of additional services to its members.

Private community with around 28,000 members

The private, members-only social network ASMALLWORLD ( connects people worldwide with a shared passion for a good life. Every year, ASMALLWORLD organises over 1000 events around the world, where members can expand their private and professional network. Online, the website and mobile apps provide members with the opportunity to engage in discussions, obtain travel tips from travel guides or other members, or meet with other members while abroad. Members also enjoy exclusive privileges from international partners, such as status upgrades in bonus programmes, discounts and VIP services in hotels. Members pay an annual fee of CHF 100. For this fee, they have access to all online functionalities, can participate in over 1000 events all over the world every year and benefit from all member privileges with third parties.

Access to the ASMALLWORLD community

ASMALLWORLD puts great emphasis on an atmosphere of familiarity and trust between its members. Membership requires an invitation from an existing member or approval by ASMALLWORLD’s International Membership Committee. This enables ASMALLWORLD to nurture its tightly-knit community of global citizens, who all share a passion for a good life.

Members meet online and in real life

ASMALLWORLD is not only an online platform, but also enables members to meet in real life, whether it’s while traveling or at any ASMALLWORLD event. The spectrum of ASMALLWORLD events is broad and includes cultural, social and charitable occasions. Participation fees for the events vary from "free of charge" to several thousand francs for a flagship event, such as the Winter Weekend in Gstaad or a safari trip to Kenya.

The World’s Finest Clubs

Also part of the ASW group, The World's Finest Clubs is comparable to the Michelin guide, in its classification of the best clubs ( and offers members access to the global nightlife. Members have preferential VIP treatment with guaranteed admission and access to the VIP area (if available) at 200 affiliated clubs worldwide. In addition, members can book tables directly via the in-house concierge service. A membership costs CHF 2,400 per year for the premium card.

Scalable business model and attractive audience

With its scalable business model, ASMALLWORLD AG has attractive growth opportunities. The current offering can be extended to other cities around the world. In addition, the range of services offered to members can be developed over time to enhance the member experience. ASMALLWORLD’s members are united by a shared passion for the good life, a cosmopolitan and experience-oriented way of living, an interesting professional background and are primarily between 25-45 years old.

Stock exchange listing and information on existing shareholders

ASMALLWORLD AG does not require any additional funds for the next planned growth steps. Therefore, no new shares are to be issued as part of the planned listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The listing broadens the company's scope of action, increases its visibility, allows it to be marketed among professional investors and facilitates access to capital in the future. The main shareholder of ASMALLWORLD AG is ASW Capital AG with a share of around 60%. ASW Capital AG is a Swiss investment company with a long-term investment horizon. Therefore, the principal shareholder will make a lock-up commitment and will hold at least a 50% stake in ASMALLWORLD AG until March 2020.

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